Unauthorized biography of Nicole Fende

Nicole Fende is President and Chief Numbers Whisperer of Small Business Finance Forum. As a credentialed actuary with experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Investment Banker, and successful entrepreneur, Fende helps her clients reach their profit goals and learn how to effectively and enjoyably run the financial side of their business.

As host of the well acclaimed SmallBizFinance Show on BlogTalk Radio, Nicole reaches a growing audience of 1,000’s with tips, tricks and expert interviews to help them operate their businesses more efficiently and improve their bottom line.

In her upcoming book, How to be a Finance Rock Star, Nicole shares the same strategies she uses for her profit coaching clients to help them reach multi-platinum profits. It is an easy, practical go-to reference guide for mastering small business finance.

Despite Ms. Fende’s endless list of impressive credentials, her true claim to fame is her ability to make finance fun. From her LOL blog posts, such as College Keggers Teach Complex Expense Analysis, to the endearing finance mascot Fluffy, she entertains entrepreneurs while helping them grown their bottom line.

This is not the finance you slept through in college.

How to be a Finance Rock Star


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