Meet Fluffy the Finance Feline

Fluffy the Finance FelineA lover and a fighter, Fluffy is quick to pounce on profits and share with them with all his friends.

Where did Fluffy come from?

After meeting Emmit, Tori Deaux’s business plan personification, I knew we needed one too.

Then Fluffy showed up on my doorstep, carrying a boatload of fun finance facts, and I knew it was a match made in heaven!

Having Fluffy around makes finance almost as fun as room full of kittens on catnip!


Fluffy has landed a starring role in How to be a Finance Rock Star.

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  1. Well it seems that having feline as one of the fluffy friends is very good because it can help you in order to become a finance rock star.



  1. We need to find Fluffy! | How To Be A Finance Rock Star | Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer™ - [...] Fluffy the Finance Feline is best known for pouncing on profits and defeating villainous numbers, his first love was …

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