Max the Math Mutt

Max the Math MuttUnless you live under a rock (in which case, where do you plug in your PC?), you’re familiar with sports teams and mascots.

Introducing Max the Math Mutt

I had the um, well, luck? to marry into a college football obsessed family. Yes, my husband’s family loves Badger Football. For the unitiated, that’s the University of Wisconsin and the Badger is their god mascot.

Every time Wisconsin scores, Bucky the Badger does one push-up for each point. When things are going poorly, he leads the cheering. Even I can’t imagine a Wisconsin football game without Bucky.

A Mascot is a touch point, a rallying point and a cheerleader.

Who wouldn’t want one?

Introducing Max the Math Mutt, Fluffy’s faithful sidekick.

Max can sniff out any difficult profit problem. She doesn’t take any bull and is very loyal.

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  1. Such a cute dog mascot you have> They are the one that makes the show on the go.



  1. Find Fluffy and Win a copy of How to be a Finance Rock Star! | How To Be A Finance Rock Star | Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer™ - [...] was content with his life…..that was until, one fateful night when he and Max the Math Mutt went out …

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