#FluffySighting on The Solopreneur Life

We need your help to track down Fluffy!

Today’s clues can be found on The Solopreneur Life.

Larry Keltto has managed to take a picture of Fluffy plus he offers two hints on his location. Submit your #FluffySighting and be entered into today’s drawing for a free copy of How to be a Finance Rock Star plus a VIP Pass to our book launch virtual cocktail party.

Entering is easier than learning the three chords to a Ramones song. Click here and fill out the form. Be sure you’ve already discovered Fluffy’s location (Hint: Today’s clues are on www.TheSolopreneurLife.com)!

Wondering what happened to Fluffy? Read the story behind Fluffy’s disappearance.

No Purchase Required. Void Where Prohibited. Read Official Rules Here

Day 1 Fluffy Sighting


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  1. Think of the kittens, people! WE MUST FIND FLUFFY! LOL – Nicole, pure genius. As I’ve come to expect from you. :D

    • Thanks Annie. Yes Fluffy plays a vital role in the book!

  2. I think that we should have been more tougher in finding fluffy so that we can track him easily.


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