Find Fluffy and Win a copy of How to be a Finance Rock Star!

Fluffy the Finance FelineAlthough Fluffy the Finance Feline is best known for pouncing on profits and defeating villainous numbers, his first love was rock and roll!

From the time he was a kitten Fluffy knew he wanted to be a rock star. He would pretend his mother’s whiskers were guitar strings, rocking out to his favorite songs.

But when Fluffy graduated from college he set aside his love of music. He learned all about finance, and joined forces with Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer™ to help entrepreneurs achieve multi-platinum profits.

Fluffy was content with his life…..that was until, one fateful night when he and Max the Math Mutt went out for Karaoke. It was the first time since his angst filled teen years that Fluffy performed on stage. When the spotlight hit him, Fluffy realized how much he missed it.

Fluffy scurried back to the office that night, took all of the tickets that Nicole had prepared for the launch of her book How to be a Finance Rock Star, and ran off to pursue his dreams.

The next morning when Nicole and Max came into the office, they were shocked and dismayed at the disappearance of Fluffy and all the tickets! Maxine is on Fluffy’s trail….but she won’t be able to find him alone, she needs YOUR help.

Report a #FluffySighting for a chance to win!

  • Each weekday until February 24th a picture of Fluffy in a new location will show up online. It will be accompanied with two hints about the location (easy I promise).
  • A different website will post the picture and hints every day.
  • Once you have the location of the #FluffySighting submit your entry here before midnight.
  • Each day a winner will be drawn at random from the entries submitted. The winner will receive a free copy of How to be a Finance Rock Star and a VIP pass to the book launch (virtual) cocktail party.
  • The Official Contest Rules are available here.

Want to know today’s website? Check our homepage, sign up to get our daily announcements, or follow the Twitter hashtag #FluffySighting.

And so the search for Fluffy and the tickets to multi-platinum profits begins…..

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  1. Hi Nichole, I was just a newbie to visit you site. And the contest you offered was great. We all have passions in life but we need to set aside it sometimes for better. Perhaps, our passion will always find way to make its worth for living. Also, thanks for sharing our chance to win Fluffy sighting.



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